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We are a non-profit association that strives for people-centered, preventive, and holistic healthcare. Our members include health professionals and researches. We advocate for open discussion and a radical paradigm shift from pathogenic to salutogenic healthcare.

“We value humane ways of working that free people’s resources for recovery and healing.”

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Our response to the industry’s challenges

Preventive health care project 2023-2025

The challenges of the social and health sector, as well as the increasing need for services affect all of our lives in one way or another. What kind of services should be easily accessible to everyone? What is our responsibility for our own well-being and that of our loved ones? What kind of new solutions arise both at the grassroots level in local communities, in social media networks, and from the pens of researchers?

Integrative Healthcare Finland responds with its own contribution to these challenges and opportunities with the Preventive health care project it has launched. The project brings out all approaches, means and methods that promote health and well-being, prevent diseases and prevent the prolongation of diseases.

We organize events and training related to preventive health care, participate in social debate, conduct research and prepare recommendations and statements based on research evidence.

We promote open and appreciative social discussion and cooperation about health care based on a comprehensive human image and evidence.

We are convening a multidisciplinary and cross-sector partnership network for preventive health care and we are initiators in applying for project funding.