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Preventive health care

Preventive Health Care Project 2023 – 2025.

During the project, the association will take the initiative in applying for project funding, assemble a multidisciplinary and preventive healthcare partnership network and discuss about the wide variety of methods that promote health, prevent diseases, and prevent the prolongation of diseases. The core question is what connects these three goals.

Our healthcare system is fragmented, so it is important to have a discussion how to improve understanding about the preventive healthcare methods that affect people’s everyday life. These methods can be found both inside and outside of the healthcare system.

Examples of means are healthy lifestyles and complementary treatments. They have a far-reaching effect on both health promotion, prevention and healing from many diseases.


Expert interviews

We interview preventive health care experts who think boldly and present new solutions in many fields and from many sectors.

We invite decision-makers (officials, managers and politicians), researchers, citizens and their representatives, as well as professionals in the social welfare, health care and well-being fields to join the discussion.



Those participating in the expert interviews and members of the association can participate in the creation of the preventive healthcare manifesto. The manifesto consists of goals that promote preventive healthcare. The goal can be presented from the perspective of a citizen, professional, decision-maker or researcher.

With the manifesto, we will emphasize daily impact, perceived well-being and health, as well as improving people’s quality of life and functional capacity.