Yhdistävä lääketiede ry

About the association

Integrated Medicine Finland is an ideological and non-profit Finnish association whose aim is to advocate Finnish medicine and health care to think and act in accordance to principles of integrative medicine. It was registered in the Finnish Register of Association in November 2017.

We value humane ways of working that free people’s resources for recovery and healing. With our activities, we want to influence people’s health and well-being, such as quality of life and ability to function in everyday life. We recognize that change starts with individuals and communities. The change manifests itself as structural reforms and the development of everyday practices.


The core principles of the association

  • Our focus is on meeting people, i.e. taking into account people’s needs, wishes and resources.
  • Our basis is a comprehensive human image and holistic treatment that takes into account the biological, psychological, spiritual, social and cultural aspects of a person, as well as the connection and cooperation between body and mind.
  • We value people’s experiences and professional knowledge as support for objective measurement data.

The purpose of the association

  • To promote the well-being of society by developing patient-centered and community-based health care activities.
  • To promote the well-being of society by increasing the joint use of treatment methods based on experience and research evidence.

The strategic goals of the association

  • Strengthen the social debate.
  • Collect and share international multidisciplinary research.
  • Promote, encourage and utilize research
  • Influence social and health policy
  • Influence social and healthcare structures, administration and management
  • Support all such activities that strengthen the coping skills of social and healthcare professionals
  • Promote people’s awareness of proactively nurturing their own health and well-being with healthy lifestyles and drug-free methods.

In order to achieve its goals

  • The association shares information by organizing training, researching and publishing activities.
  • The association makes initiatives, presentation and statements.

To support its activities

  • The association can accept donations and bequests.
  • The association can own real estate necessary for its activities.